We offer custom blending, chemical mixing, and toll blending to provide your company with the solution to its chemical needs. We have experienced lab technicians and chemical blenders that specialize in compounding, formulating and manufacturing specialty chemicals for many industries. We have an in-house laboratory that maintains high standards of quality control. Our facility has an extensive line-up of blending and storage tanks to ensure your products meet your specifications and production schedule on time.

Quality Chemical Products
  • Experienced chemical blenders and lab technicians to provide technical assistance in:
    • Formulation
    • SDS preparation
    • Packaging
    • Liquid and powder chemical products
  • EPA registered facility which meets all environmental protection and employee safety specifications
  • Over 200 in-house industrial blending formulas
  • Ability to provide custom formulas to give you blends tailored to your specifications and characterization
  • 30 blending and storage tanks for liquid chemicals, ranging from 100 to 7,000 gallons
  • 2,000 lb. ribbon blender for blending of powder chemicals
  • Can produce chemical compounds in a range of packaging sizes, in lots ranging from short runs to multiple truckloads
  • Packaging for liquid chemicals ranging from 16 oz to tanker quantities
  • Packaging for powdered chemicals ranging from 16 oz to super sacks
  • Services available on different schedules, from one-time blends to longer-term contracts to mixed batches at predetermined intervals for repeated shipments.
  • Blending service of your formulas and quality control to meet your standards


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